Fun Walking with Japanese Locals

We are happy to announce that we start to set up a fun walking with Japanese locals in Tokyo from March 2016. This fun walking makes you feel much closer to Japan by communicating actively with many Japanese locals in English. This is not typical but unique and memorable. Also native English-Japanese speakers will join and support for the event as attendants, to be a bridge between travelers and locals.

※ Of course, we will not waste your time to come by any kind of committed boring souvenir shops or restaurants!


User Registration

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        Examples; Zazen, Watch Kabuki, Watch Sumo
        Jigoku-dani Monkey Park, Akihabara Otaku Culture, etc.

        Examples; Jogging, Trekking, To play sports, bicycle ride, Shopping, Clubbing, etc.
⑬ Fun Walking with Japanese Locals ( Click here! );
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