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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the use of service (introducing you to the locals) free of charge?
► Yes, you can use our service for free of charge. However, you will be charged for your cost of internet access.
※ This is not a service which our company or the locals introduced by our company would bear any kind of your travel expenses. (i.e. accommodation fee, transportation fee, admission fee)

2. Is there a need to pay a tip in order to stay together or get information from the locals? Also, do I need to cover their expenses such as meals and transportation fees when we travel together?
► No. You don’t have to pay a tip. Thus, there is no need to cover any kind of expenses such as their meals and transportation fees.
3. I am already in Japan travelling, but can I use the service?
► Yes, you can use our service. However it will take a few days or more to enable you to start contacting the locals.
4. What are some useful information available when contacting the locals?
► In addition to their names and basic information, we will provide information such as in where the locals are familiar with the areas, what the locals would like to do with the foreign travelers, and many other more information.
5. I haven’t finalized my itinerary in detail yet but can I still use the service?
► Yes, please register your expected date of arrival and places you would like to visit roughly. You should find it helpful by communicating with the locals when you plan your trip. We will also introduce you to people who live in attractive places that you aren’t still familiar with, so how about adding there to one of your destinations?
6. I have made some changes on places that I would like to visit and things that I would like to do, during my trip. Can you provide me some additional information on the locals according to my new trip plan?
► Yes, please provide us with your information where you would like to make changes, through “contact us” page.